Central Floridas premier EMS Critical Care Transport for Ground and Air.

First 2 Aid EMS was designed to bring high quality Critical Care ground and fixed wing services to Central Florida and the surrounding area. 

Ground Critical Care

First 2 Aid EMS is the only locally owned private ambulance to place a minimum of three ALS providers on board our Critical Care Teams.  This means there is certified critical care provider in the back to ensure proper care and safety to all of our patients.

EMS equipment

First 2 Aid EMS is proud to provide invasive monitioring capabilities to all of our patients. This includes:

  • Zoll X Monitor with 2 invasive monitoring lines for transducers
  • Continuous Rectal/Esophageal temperature- Butterfly IQ Ultrasound
  • AirTraq video larygoscope
  • Ability to transport 6 IVs pumps at a time
  • EnVe critical care ventilator for adults and pediatrics

Ground Critical Care

Event Medical Services