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Medical services for your big event.

Health, Medical, & Safety For events of all sizes.

Health, Medical, & Safety For events of all sizes

Today there is a strong need to be proactive to the potential liabilities as well as the need for a positive footprint in the new world of social media.  With the advent and expansion of, or moreover, the lack of privacy in the public arena, you may find yourself exposed to any incident that is deemed irresponsible.  These events, include the interaction when dealing with an accident, be it a medical emergency or an active shooter.  We are committed to providing the best level of care and training available.  First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. is able to offer these services at an affordable rate – peace of mind and good public relations.

No company is better suited to handle all your standby medical event needs than First 2 Aid EMS, Inc.  We will work with you to evaluate your individual needs and provide a plan that is not only cost-effective but leaving you with the peace of mind that our professional staff will act in your best interest while providing the highest level of care available.

Emergency Management Services

Our certified EMS professionals help keep your event running successfully by responding to all health concerns and providing patient care, transport, and communications.  This includes utilization of licensed EMTs, Paramedics, RNs, MDs, and Lead Medical Coordinators.

Licensed ALS Provider

First 2 Aid EMS will staff your event with staff with experience, training and equipment.  We are proud to be the ONLY service with full ALS protocols including the ability to give over 25 lifesaving medications, utilization of cardiac monitoring, and advanced life support procedures.  All these are included in our ALS pricing.

Certified EMS Medical Service

First 2 Aid EMS is a Licensed and Insured ALS Ambulance Service in FLorida.  Our entire staff is made up of certified EMS professionals, providing you the assurance that your event is compliant with rules and regulations.  Unlike other companies, we are regulated and must adhere to the standard set by the State of Florida Department of Health.

Medical Response Planning

We not only provide day-of event medical services, we are also trained and have received certification in planning and coordination efforts of any event.  This includes Pre-Planning, Day of Event Planning and After Event Reviews.

orlando event EMS Services

First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. can meet your needs for any special event: conventions, trade shows, corporate retreats, training events, music festivals, concerts, sporting events, commercial filming (Set Medics).  No event is too small or too large for First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. to provide coverage: single medic, team medics, multiple teams, ambulances, bicycles, ATV/Gators, helicopters; doctors, nurses, PA, NA, paramedics, EMTs or MA.  First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. has you covered.  One call covers all – your medical needs.

A partial list of services offered by First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. for your indoor or outdoor event.

  • 24/7 365 days of availability (Hotels, convention centers, outdoor events, arenas, sports stadiums, high schools, etc.)
  • Electronic reports available for every patient treated
  • First aid stations
  • Multiple types of response units (Wheelchairs, ATV/Gators, ambulance, stretchers, etc.)
  • Beyond basic medical equipment. We carry medical equipment beyond the capability of our competition.
  • Emergency OTV Medications
  • Trauma trained EMTs and paramedics
  • Trained emergency physicians
  • Emergency prescription drugs: Narcan, disposable IV, fluids, etc.
  • Advanced airway adjunct devices
  • Additional and replacement medial staff available locally if needed
  • All supervisors are medically trained and certified (to coordinate your event)

Basic Life Support (BLS) Medical team

This team comprised of Emergency Medical Technicians, have the skills and equipment to provide you with Basic Life Support. Capabilities include basic airway management, oxygen delivery, bandaging, spine stabilization, splinting of extremities, monitoring vital signs, and administering CPR.

Mountain Bike and ATV/Gator

Do you have an event with a large area to cover? Our bike teams are a perfect solution. Our Mountain Bikes and ATV/Gators are equipped to handle any type of emergency and provide a rapid response through congested areas.  Ambulances are also an excellent choice for total peace of mind.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Medical team

Comprised of Doctors and/or Paramedics who are certified and equipped to provide BLS capabilities, as well as: advanced airway management, cardiac monitoring, and defibrillation, IV administration, administer lifesaving drugs, and handle severe medical emergencies.

Medical Response Planning

We not only provide day-of event medical services, we are also trained and have received cretification in planning and coordination efforts of any event.  This includes Pre-Planning, Day of Event Planning and After Event Reviews.


Across America, we see fire departments, private ambulance companies, and event medical companies providing event medical services for various events: concerts, conventions, high school graduations, and sporting events, festivals, corporate retreats and various events with hundreds if not tens of thousands of attendees, participating in the festivities and activities.  Most agencies and private EMS companies are providing EMS staff, are providing staff that is newly certified, light-duty (general transport), or trainees, sometimes volunteers to cover these events week-after-week, without any concern for public safety.

Some area of the country offers these EMS professionals at no fee as a community service.  This can minimize the 911 emergency response time, due to staff on the ground.  These teams, are typically outfitted with older and outdated ambulances and equipment and possibly in need of maintenance.  Other companies providing these types of services are not regulated by any state organization and may indeed have outdated or expired medications.  Equipment that requires no validation or certification to being provided to your attendees. 

    An EMS License

    This is key for liability should a lawsuit arise from care or a situation should occur at your event. Licensed services are state inspected and regulated to make sure the proper level of care is provided. When dealing with non-licensed services there is no oversight by the state on a doctor, this can lead to a lower level of care being provided or improper care being provided.


    Make sure you receive a copy of the Certificate of Insurance for the service you choose. This should include $1,000,000/$3,000,000 policy for both General Liability and Professional Liability. ALL TRU EMS PROVIDERS, OTHER THAN COUNTIES, WILL HAVE THIS.


    Protocols list what the medical director will allow an EMT or Paramedic to legally perform on a sick or injured person. These documents should be availble for your review to show the level of care and treatments your guests will receive in an emergency. An easy way to look at this is, the bigger the protocol the more treatments and lifesaving interventions an EMT or Paramedic can provide.

    Medical Director

    A Licensed and Insured Medical Director with EMS Experience. Legally any doctor can be a medical director this is true. EMS medical directors, are Emergency Room Physicians who also understand the importance of good pre-hospital care. Its the medical directors the entrust paramedics to give the same medications a person in a crisis would receive at the hospital. ALL EMS STAFF FUNCTION AS AN EXTENSION OF THIS MEDICAL DIRECTORS LICENSE, AND THE MEDICAL DIRECTOR IS THE ONE WHO COULD ALSO BE HELD LIABLE FOR IMPROPER CARE.


    When providing services make sure the service is providing adequate equipment for the size of your event. This should include Cardiac Monitor or AEDs, Oxygen Equipment, Bandaging Equipment, Splints, Spinal Immobilization Equipment andany ALS Medications and IVs. A SERVICE SHOULD NEVER ASK TO USE YOUR EQUIPMENT SUCH AS AN AED. SHOULD YOUR EQUIPMENT FAIL YOU COULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE IN THE DEATH OR INJURY OF THAT PERSON.

    Certified, Licensed On-site EMS and Planning Services for Events

    First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. is certified by the state of Florida as an EMS provider and subjected to regulations and regular auditing to confirm compliance with all state and federal guidelines.  That being said, First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. regularly updates our parameters and protocols, not to mention all of our current medications, and equipment.  Our team is selected first, then proceed through a written examination, verbal examination in front of a panel of medic (all with a minimum five years’ experience) than required to run a mega code (think of the worst medical code and complicate it) before acceptance into our family of medics.  First 2 Aid EMS also trains for the “Active Shooter” scenario, which, sadly, has become all too familiar.

    Through our collective experience, we have developed several strategies to facilitate better your events, offering several ways to best provide emergency medical services’ during your event.  The reputation of these services cannot be exaggerated and will be scrutinized.

    Events, such as Electric Daisy Carnival music festival are the pinnacle of one’s success, and First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. had such a privilege to participate at such an event in 2018 – Orlando, Florida.  Our competition, not only lacked the resources, to facilitate this event, we had some of their staff volunteering under our guidance.  First 2 Aid EMS, Inc. has the staff and resources to cover all your events call today (407) 777-4322 to request more information or book an event.

    Types of on-site service

    What type of resources do I need for my event? What a great question. One that we are asked often by even the most experienced event planner or promoter. There are several variables to consider when calculating the amount of medical staff and equipment. How many attendees are anticipated? What is the demographics of the attendees? What is the size and caliber of your team and crew? What is the area to be covered? Will there be a need for a roving medical team? These are some of the questions we will use to staff your event. Remember, we are a local Ambulance/EMS company, so should there be a change; we have the capability to assign additional staff as required.

    Sporting events
    Team Building Events
    Trade Shows
    Business Dinners
    Golf Events
    Press Conferences

    Networking Events
    Opening Ceremonies
    Product Launches
    Theme Parties
    VIP Events
    Award Ceremonies
    Executive Retreats